You give yourself far too much credit, reptile. You have, at best, annoyed me in the past. Your ‘greater feats’ amount to nothing save to mildly irritate me…. in the long term, you have accomplished comparatively little. 


Particularly since I *still* control the clans, including the one that birthed you. 

Stay calm, Espio.

"Your emotional reaction was not sought- you’re attempting to cloud the point. You gloat about your skill at board games, yet in the past, you’ve failed to prevent enemies from infiltrating your facilities. Regardless of whether it’s a mild irritation as you claim, or something more, the point is that you’re fallible, just like everybody else. And one day you will lose.”

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I hope you do Espio mun mun. I hope for a chance to RP with you. <3

((We’ll see anon. Whoever you are! But either way, thank you very much for your nice words!))

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I hardly dispute that particular notion, just that *you* would be the one to accomplish such a feat against *me*. 


My intellect is refined, my experience greater. 

"Depending on what criteria you use to define ‘intellect’, that may be true. No, Doctor, since you ask, I don’t think I could beat you. But nevertheless, one does not know until one tries, and I’d be curious to see the result. Need I remind you that I’ve accomplished greater feats against you in the past- perhaps you should devote more effort into protecting your facilities, instead of playing around with board games?”

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mun mun is espio back?

((I’m not certain yet. I have some bad feelings/memories associated with this blog (nothing to do with Espio, just that some bad stuff happened outside of RP, just before I disappeared, and it made me feel like I didn’t want to get back on here… but I don’t want to talk about that in public.) But my Espio muse has never really gone away and lately the urge to get back on here was too strong to ignore!

I guess we’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’m back for good. Maybe I’ll disappear again. Maybe I’ll continue posting, but a little less frequently than before. Not sure yet. It also seems like most of the people I used to interact with have disappeared as well so I don’t really know how to crank things back into gear again.))

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Soup or salad?

"That largely depends on the nutritional content of the meal. Given a choice between two different meals, one should always select the healthiest option."


"Soup has the added advantage of usually being warm. Which I need right now; I’ve just come out of hibernation and require the additional body heat."

Espio finished off his noodle soup, and ignored the growling of his stomach as he cleared the pot away. Hibernation causes reptiles to loose a good portion of weight, and with loss of weight comes loss of body heat. But a good meal a day would take care of that in no time.

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*Hides in the bushes and starts painting a portrait of Espio*

*turns invisible*

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Espio your eyes were almost as bright as a morning sun .

"Since looking directly into the sun would cause you to go blind, and looking at me obviously does not have the same effect… I can only assume that you are either grossly over-exaggerating, or else you are an extremely confused individual. Either way, I suggest you get a medical check-up, in order to rule out brain damage or any other diseases that may have reduced your mental capacity.”

Hiatus Notice

I think I am going to be on hiatus for a little while. Some personal problems in my life, combined with some unpleasant feelings that pop up when I log onto my Sonic accounts, are keeping me from enjoying myself here. (I am also kingofthefreepeople and fangedsniper, for those that didn’t know.) I also have some issues to deal with involving all my muses and how their backstories are written, which need to be addressed at some point if I’m to continue RPing these characters, but I am not in the mood to address that right now and probably won’t be for a while due to the more pressing family and health concerns.

I don’t intend to log in again until I feel better, so if you want to contact me, please contact me on my personal blog: nack-mun. I will be continuing to RP on my star trek blog in the meantime. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this causes anyone.

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"So that’s why you didn’t order any food," Blaze said with a nod. It made sense, although it did bring up the question as to why he was so concerned with the exact content of the meal. He was so concerned that he wouldn’t eat it unless he prepared it himself? Hm… Well, she wasn’t going to say how neurotic unusual that was. Perhaps he had bad experiences, she shouldn’t be so bothered with that. Moving along.

Once the refreshments were brought along, Blaze took more of a gulp than a sip. As much as she liked the tea, she was kind of thirsty. She didn’t think as much about the taste until after the fact, but what can you do? … Probably not drink so fast.

  “Are you feeling a little better, now?”

"Much better, actually," Blaze said, her smile remaining on her face. The fact that she could probably have everyone in the room suffer from a horrid awkward silence was no longer her concern; especially since she had no intentions of making anyone endure such awkwardness. Even if she was the outsider, kindness and compassion would be enough to show she wasn’t going to harm them or be an annoyance.

"… Thank you for your kindness, by the way," Blaze said, resisting the urge to look down. "You probably know how nervous I was… I’m not exactly good at hiding my nervousness." She chuckled, however not nervously. "This was a nice change to come to."

"No need to thank me," Espio replied. "Your outburst would have been the cause for much alarm had I not intercepted you." In other words, he was helping her, mainly, in order to shut her up, prevent her from causing a disturbance to the otherwise calm and peaceful valley. At least Espio was honest - he wasn’t going to lie about his intentions.

"But," he added, "I am glad to see that you’re feeling better. It must have been alarming to find yourself in an unfamiliar place."

He glanced at his tea, before raising it to his lips to take another sip. Was that sugar he could detect swimming around in the fluid? Huh. Best not to dwell on that for too long. Placing the cup back down upon the saucer, he turned back to Blaze, tilting his head slightly aside, locking eyes with the feline to fix her with yet another of his intense and curious stares.

"You say that you travelled to Rainbow Valley by mistake. If I may inquire, do you have any idea how such an accident occurred?" He was interested for a number of reasons. Firstly and most importantly, that when the time came for his new acquaintance to leave, he wanted to be sure that she actually could. She may not be threatening, but even so, her presence here was intrusive, and in particular the other chameleons would be less than pleased if she hung around for any longer than was necessary. Secondly, he was concerned about this sort of thing happening a second time- should another make the same mistake that Blaze had, then he might have to go through this all over again. And thirdly and lastly, he wondered… out of concern for Blaze herself. Whatever might have led someone to make such a glaring error of navigation as she had done, might be dangerous. It was possible that she could leave here, only to wind up in some other unfamiliar place - somewhere far less friendly than the one she had come to. There were plenty of dangerous spots in this zone - and she was fortunate indeed to have found herself in somewhere more welcoming than Robotropolis or the outskirts of the Dragon Kingdom.

"I ask out of concern for your safety," Espio told her. "I hope that whatever caused this accident does not end up repeating itself. I would not wish you to come to any harm."